Golden Wrench Award Recipients

Professionals Who Drive Innovation

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Meet Our Golden Wrench Awardees

Highlighting the extraordinary contributions of individuals who have propelled the automotive industry forward, explore the exceptional stories of those who have been honored with the prestigious Golden Wrench Award.

Award Overview

The Golden Wrench Award is a prestigious honor that shines a spotlight on stellar figures whose efforts have propelled the automotive industry forward. Awardees are heralded for their contributions to the sector and for pioneering innovative practices. 

Industry Leadership and Innovation

Recipients of the Golden Wrench Award are those who have made significant strides in shaping the automotive industry. This accolade is extended to professionals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and forward-thinking in the automotive sector. As such, they have actively contributed to the advancement of the industry, setting the stage for its future. 

Community Engagement and Philanthropy

The Golden Wrench Award also considers the nominee’s influence and involvement within their local communities. We seek to honor those who have dedicated a portion of their efforts to philanthropy and community service, thereby bolstering the industry’s image and establishing a legacy of giving back. 

Once-in-a-Lifetime Recognition

To maintain the exclusivity and prestige of the award, the Golden Wrench is a once-in-a-lifetime honor. It underlines a singular moment of recognition for the tireless efforts and dedication of the awardee, ensuring it remains a distinctive and highly-coveted accolade within the automotive community. 

Join the Ranks of Automotive Pioneers

Join a prestigious cadre of innovators and leaders by entering the Golden Wrench Award circle. Whether you’re recognizing your own contributions or spotlighting a peer’s achievements, your nomination propels the entire automotive industry forward.

Ready to celebrate excellence? Let’s guide the path of the automotive industry by honoring those trailblazers whose ingenuity and dedication have set the highest benchmarks for leadership, community involvement, and industry-wide innovation.

To apply or to nominate someone you know, please apply here: