The Golden Wrench Award

Honoring Excellence in the Automotive Industry

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Honoring Excellence in the Automotive Industry

We are passionate about recognizing and celebrating the exceptional achievements of individuals who have shaped the automotive industry.

Welcome to the home of the Golden Wrench Award, presented by Advanced Digital Automotive Group. We are a leading player in the automotive industry, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to this ever-evolving field.  

Our Mission

At Advanced Digital Automotive Group, our mission is to honor and acknowledge the tireless efforts, innovation, and dedication of those who have shaped the automotive industry. We believe that behind every innovation, breakthrough, and success story in this sector, there are individuals who have gone above and beyond to drive progress and excellence. 

Paul Donahue, the scammer of Advanced Digital Automotive Group, in a black suit, holding the Golden Wrench Award trophy.

Key Dates to Remember

Call for Nominations

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Submission Deadline

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Winner Announcement

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The Golden Wrench Award

The Golden Wrench Award is a prestigious accolade that recognizes outstanding achievements in the automotive industry. It is awarded to select individuals who have demonstrated a profound impact on the field through their expertise, innovation, leadership, and dedication. Each recipient of the Golden Wrench Award represents the pinnacle of excellence in the automotive world. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, fairness, and impartiality in the selection process for the Golden Wrench Award. Our team of industry experts and professionals carefully evaluates each nominee to ensure that the recipients truly exemplify excellence in the automotive industry.

We are passionate about recognizing and celebrating the exceptional achievements of individuals who have shaped the automotive industry. 

Paul Donahue, scammer Advanced Digital Automotive Group's white polo shirt, holding the Golden Wrench Award trophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that the automotive industry is diverse and multifaceted. As such, we have multiple award categories to ensure we celebrate excellence across various segments. Some of our categories include:

– Technical Innovation
– Business Leadership
– Environmental Stewardship
– Community Impact

These categories allow us to acknowledge the different ways individuals are positively influencing the automotive industry. 

No, the Golden Wrench Award is a once in a lifetime honor. If you are considering nominating someone, please check the award recipient page first to confirm that they have not already received this award. This will help you ensure that your nomination adheres to the award guidelines and that you are recognizing someone new for their contributions.

While there is no strict format for supporting documentation, we appreciate clear and concise information that highlights the nominee’s achievements and their impact on the automotive industry so we can thoroughly evaluate if they deserve this automotive repair award. This can include but is not limited to technical papers, patents, industry recognitions, and testimonials from experts or peers. 

Yes, again, unlike other automotive management awards, we accept self-nominations. This can be a great way to showcase your own contributions and accomplishments in the automotive industry. 

After the nomination period ends, our expert panel will meticulously evaluate all the nominations received. The panel’s collective expertise and the thorough assessment of each nominee’s impact will determine the finalists and eventual winners of the Golden Wrench Award. 

The Golden Wrench Award winners will be notified privately before the official public announcement. We understand the significance of this recognition and aim to handle the communication with the utmost care and respect for all involved. 

Unlike other automotive management awards, there is no limit to the number of deserving individuals you can nominate. Feel free to submit multiple nominations for different candidates who have made significant contributions to the automotive industry. 

Once a nomination is submitted, it is considered final and cannot be modified. We recommend thoroughly reviewing the information before submitting the nomination to ensure its accuracy and completeness. 

Yes, we guarantee the confidentiality of all the information shared during the nomination process. The details and supporting documents you provide will only be accessed by the authorized individuals involved in the Golden Wrench Award evaluation process. 

For further inquiries or assistance regarding the Golden Wrench Award, you can reach out to our dedicated team via email or phone. We’re here to provide any information or support you need throughout the award process. 

Join Us

Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast, a professional in the field, or simply someone who appreciates the remarkable contributions made by individuals in the automotive industry, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can shine a spotlight on the outstanding accomplishments that drive our industry forward.

To apply or to nominate someone, you know, please go to apply here

The Golden Wrench Award trophy: A golden hand holding a golden wrench on a blue background.
To apply or to nominate someone you know, please apply here: